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Create her a ring as rare as she is..

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Consultation: Education and Understanding Customer needsconsultation

After booking an appointment, customers can come in and visit GIA Certified Diamond Grader, Anil Nanda at the Diamond Creations by Nanda Jewellers consultation office.  Nanda Jewellers understands the importance to provide customers with a better understanding and education on the four c’s of diamonds (Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight).  This brief consultation is setup to get an understanding of what the customer requires, followed by an additional appointment for stone selection, and design.


Finding the perfect diamond: Stone selection
When searching for a diamond, Diamond Creations understands that building trusting relationships and a comfortable and transparent environment is very diamondselectionimportant, and therefore, all stones are fully certified, and conflict-free. Nanda Jewellers provides its customers with a friendly, non-pressured experience. Finding the perfect stone for your loved one is something very special, Nanda Jewellers aims to directly cater to each of its clients needs.  Staff at Nanda Jewellers utilize its large network of diamond wholesale partners around the globe to match the criteria of its customer’s needs, finding the perfect stone.  Additionally, having a GIA trained professional on site, Anil Nanda goes above and beyond to find the best possible options for his clients, educating them and supporting them in making a final decision for their stone selection.


Design: “Diamond Creations”
Once the customer has found the perfect stone, the next stage of the Diamond diamondcadCreation process, is design. In this stage, Nanda Jewellers can either assist its clients in finding the latest design trends, or creating a unique and custom design, made especially for their loved ones.  Once a design has been selected, Nanda Jewellers begins on the design of the ring, providing customers with a 3D Cad (computer animated design) rendering of the ring design. The next step involves turning this computer rendering into a real life object.  Using 3D printing, a wax mold is made, which outlines the basic structure of the ring. Upon customers approval, the ring is then casted to metal, and stones are set, and the ring is given its final touches and completed.



Finished Product: The Creation
Once the final product is completed, the customer receives the finished product, along with the stone certificate.  Nanda Jewellers takes great pride on providing honest and final_diamondreliable service, therefore all certified diamonds are laser inscripted with their unique certificate number. Additionally Nanda Jewellers uses a third party laboratory to provide its customers with an appraisal which outlines the full details of the product, and its estimated replacement value, which is great for record keeping and insurance purposes.  All custom orders come with an extended warranty. Nanda Jewellers recommends its customers to bring their products in for regular cleaning and inspections, to maintain warranty on products.


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